Ad content guidelines 

Content guidelines disclaimer: 

The following Content Guidelines provided herein are not to be construed as legal advice. They are designed to assist our advertisers in adhering to partner policies, industry standards, and local regulations. These guidelines do not serve as a substitute for obtaining independent legal counsel in order to ensure your advertising campaign is compliant. It is imperative to acknowledge that this list is not exhaustive and may be modified by illumin without prior notice.

Furthermore, it is important to note that illumin retains the discretion to remove any advertisements considered intrusive or inappropriate. These requirements are essential in upholding the integrity, trustworthiness and reliability of our platform while fostering positive user experiences. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in the rejection or removal of your advertisements from the illumin platform and/or a suspension of your account.

Should you have any inquiries or require assistance, we encourage you to communicate with your illumin Representative.

Advertiser content guidelines:

At illumin, we are committed to pioneering transformative advertising practices that foster a mutually beneficial relationship between advertisers and publishers. Central to this commitment is our steadfast adherence to rigorous ad content standards and brand safety protocols.

Prohibited content guidelines:

The following types of content are strictly prohibited from being featured in advertisements on the illumin platform:

  1. Unbranded or anonymous advertisements.
  2. Explicit sexual content, imagery, or suggestions, including the promotion of adult products or services. Advertisements featuring adult content must comply with all legal requirements stipulated by federal or local laws, particularly ensuring non-targeting of minors. Age targeting for users aged 18 or older is mandatory for campaigns promoting adult content.
  3. Advocacy or promotion of violent activities, hate speech, or discrimination against any individual or group.
  4. Illegal or dangerous products, including drugs, weapons, or any services promoting harmful activities.
  5. Cannabis-related advertisements must adhere to all geographic-specific restrictions and comply with any applicable local regulations, which may necessitate, but is not limited to, age-gating mechanisms, proper disclaimers, and a clear indication of the business information.
  6. Misleading or deceptive practices, including dissemination of false and/or fraudulent information or scam-related content intended to collect money or personal information.
  7. Content promoting illegal activities, hate speech, or any form of discrimination against people based on personal attributes such as race, ethnicity, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, disability, medical or genetic condition..
  8. Defamatory or libelous content, or content distributing malware and harmful software.
  9. Advertisements promoting alcohol must comply with all legal requirements specified by federal or local laws, ensuring non-targeting of minors. Age-gating, proper disclaimers regarding responsible drinking, and health warnings may be mandated for alcohol campaigns.
  10. Excessive violence, graphic depictions of pain or torture, and glorification of suffering.
  11. Misleading or deceptive practices, such as fake hyperlinks or ads mimicking system notifications.
  12. Promotion of black-hat hacking, cracking, or warez.
  13. Violent language, gruesome or disgusting imagery, or graphic images or accounts of physical trauma

These guidelines are integral to maintaining the integrity and safety of our platform for all users. Violation of these guidelines may result in the rejection or removal of advertisements from the illumin platform.

Content accuracy and clarity:

At illumin, we prioritize the accuracy and clarity of advertising content to ensure transparency and trustworthiness for our users. Advertisements must accurately represent the content featured on the landing page, with strict adherence to the following guidelines:

  1. Ads must maintain a direct correlation between the advertised content and associated keywords to the content provided on the landing page.
  2. Ads are prohibited from imitating system notifications or appearing as inbox messages to users.
  3. It is imperative that the advertised brand aligns precisely with the brand presented upon user impression.
  4. Advertisements must not contain any form of misleading information.

Advertiser claims standards:

At illumin, we uphold stringent standards regarding the accuracy and verifiability of advertising claims, encompassing competitive statements and promotional offers. It is imperative that all claims made in advertisements are factually supportable. Advertised products, offers, and pricing must be clearly accessible on the advertiser's website, adhering rigorously to local regulations pertaining to pricing transparency.

Key points to note include:

  1. All advertising claims must be substantiated with factual evidence.
  2. Discounts and offers advertised must be current and accurately reflected on the advertiser's website.
  3. Pricing information provided in advertisements must comply with local regulations governing the disclosure of taxes and other relevant charges.

User safety and security:

At illumin, safeguarding user safety and security is of utmost importance. To uphold this commitment, the following activities are strictly prohibited:

  1. Phishing attempts or any deceptive practices aimed at extracting personal information from users.
  2. The sale of items or services that are available for free through official channels.
  3. The dissemination of malware or any software designed to compromise user security.
  4. Dissemination of misleading claims or advertisements that may jeopardize user safety.

Furthermore, advertisements must refrain from simulating fake interactivity or initiating unauthorized downloads.

Non-disruptive experience:

At illumin, we place a premium on user experience, thus imposing limitations on disruptive advertising practices, which include:

  1. Pop-up ads or any advertisements that substantially obstruct content visibility.
  2. Ads that auto-expand without user initiation.
  3. Misleading or intrusive advertising practices that disrupt the seamless consumption of content.

These measures are implemented to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted user experience on our platform

Advertising activities must conform to applicable laws and regulations. The following products and services are subject to restrictions:

  1. Abortion:  Permissibility of abortion-related services varies by country; consult your Account Manager for specific guidance. In no circumstance will abortion content featuring violent language or gruesome imagery be permitted.
  2. Cosmetic procedures
  3. Online pharmacies
  4. Over the counter and prescription drugs
  5. Addiction treatment
  6. Alcohol: illumin allows alcohol advertising under specific circumstances. Please liaise with your representative at illumin for country-specific directives.
  7. Violence: Ads must not facilitate, organize, promote or admit to certain criminal or harmful activities targeted at people, businesses, property or animals.
  8. Casinos and Gambling: Content falling within the listed categories is permissible in limited contexts, including:
    1. Online gambling content
    2. Gambling-related products
    3. Brick-and-mortar casinos
    4. Contests, sweepstakes, and raffles
    5. Sale of physical scratch cards
    6. National or state lotteries
    7. Fantasy sports contests
    8. Physical gambling equipment
    9. For detailed information, contact your illumin representative.
  9. CBD: Advertising of CBD products is allowed, with the caveat that health claims are not made. CBD campaigns must adhere to local regulations and regulatory requirements, including age-gating mechanisms, proper disclaimers, and provision of lab results confirming THC contents.
  10. Fake documents: The promotion of fake documents, such as fake IDs, passports, and invoices, is strictly prohibited.
  11. Cryptocurrency: Advertising of cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency-related products is permitted under specific circumstances. For further details, reach out to your illumin representative.
  12. Fireworks: The promotion of fireworks and pyrotechnic devices is not allowed.
  13. Illegal drugs: Advertising of illegal drugs, legal or synthetic highs, herbal drugs, psychoactive chemicals and compounds, drug paraphernalia, or aids for passing drug tests is prohibited.
  14. Illegal hacking: Promotion of hacking through provision of instructions or equipment for illegal access or tampering with software, servers, cell phones, or websites is not allowed.
  15. Sexually explicit content: Advertising featuring graphic depictions of sexual acts, underage or non-consensual sexual themes, or services implying sexual acts in exchange for compensation is strictly prohibited.
  16. Human Exploitation: Ads must not contain content that facilitates or coordinates the exploitation of humans, including human trafficking.

All advertisements promoting restricted products and services must comply with relevant laws and industry standards. Age targeting and responsible advertising disclaimers may be required for certain campaigns. Non-compliance may lead to rejection or removal of advertisements from the illumin platform.

Global tobacco policy:

In regions where permitted, advertising related to tobacco is governed by rigorous guidelines aimed at upholding adherence to local legislation and ethical norms. These guidelines encompass provisions to prevent the targeting of minors, the promotion of sales through deceptive offers, and the mandatory inclusion of health warnings and disclaimers.

illumin's comprehensive ad content guidelines epitomize our commitment to cultivating a digital advertising landscape that prioritizes safety, respectfulness, and user engagement. Through meticulous adherence to compliance measures and proactive enforcement, we endeavor to set a benchmark in the advertising sphere, ensuring that each advertisement not only meets but surpasses the most stringent standards of quality and integrity.

Advertisements endorsing tobacco and nicotine must comply with legal regulations, as well as country and local laws applicable to the region where the advertisement is disseminated, and must refrain from targeting minors. We may necessitate the implementation of age-gating measures, smoking disclaimers, or health warnings for your campaign to ensure compliance with these guidelines.

Right to enforce:

As part of our commitment to upholding a respectful and secure advertising environment, illumin retains the unequivocal right to retract any advertisement that is deemed intrusive or inconsistent with our community and quality standards. This prerogative reinforces our dedication to preserving the integrity of our platform and ensuring a positive experience for all users.




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