Modern Digital Advertising is Cross-Culture

The digital world has created infinite possibilities for advertisers to connect with audiences. Advertisers are beginning to recognize that individual consumers represent complex intersections of needs and preferences, informed by things like traditions, values and beliefs.

For modern advertising, targeting that simply relies on age, gender and income can actually stereotype consumers and miss the bigger picture. Automated solutions accounting for these factors have begun to hit the market.

This eBook explores the tools and techniques that advertisers are using to master the art of nuanced, cross-cultural targeting.

Produced in collaboration with DIGIDAY.

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Modern Digital Advertising is Cross-Cultural - Cover

In this eBook, you'll learn:



How brands and agencies define “cross-culture” in today’s environment



Which cultural signals, from affinities to behaviors, are most relevant to ad targeting 



The shortfalls of standard demographic indicators in today’s programmatic ecosystem

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